Jul. 5th, 2015 02:29 pm
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sorry i missed yr show last nite ali. goin 2 dc w my ma was total crap. prezs pr ppl came n told ma they wre runnin long n she wsnt gonna b performing 4 thm. i no it ws cuz i ws thre. assholes. they gave her sum 2-bit gig singin in an office of jnr staff instead so they can keep up the front it was skedling mstke n not their fault cuz no of course they dun hate mutants cuz they still let mom of a mutant prfrm @ the w h.

i shldve just stayed here.

ne1 wanna go destroy shit in the dr?
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tandy who is a super awesome sifu told me the other day bout this mutant battle league thing

so u email this addy n sum1 sends u a time n place n u go n compete gainst other mutants. dif competitions 4 dif powers

there r refs 2 keep things safe

mutants n non-mutants who like mutants can come 2 just 2 watch n cheer

lemme no if u want the addy!!!
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since my dad's playin at the bbcr1 big wknd this wknd n its a lng wknd im gonna go hang out there. ne1 wanna come? we got compd a bunch of tix n my mama wants 2 no how many plane tix 2 by.

lineups pretty sick

snoop? david guetta? fallout boy? foos? imagine dragons? flo+themash? 5sos if that floats yer boat? (lookin at u xavin!) rita ora? (miles? huh? huh? or u more of a charli xcx fan? cuz shes there 2) angel wanna see sum tswift this wknd?
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so apparently the lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight. ne1 wanna go watch it on the roof?
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Hey guys,

I have it on good authority that all of the adults are going to be at a party next Saturday. (Apparently it's a surprise party so shh don't tell anyone.) That leaves us pretty much alone here. So I'm thinking we should have a party of our own. Team bonding, we can call it. Let's say rec room, 9 PM?

The good authority that told me about the party is also offering some serious benjamins for whatever we need. Give me a shopping list and I'll pass it on.


Mar. 18th, 2015 06:17 pm
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parents are taking bro and i away for his spring break from school n my whatever. break from being here i guess. dunno where were going yet (hawaii was mentioned, also switzerland) but if u guys wanna come 4 a few days lemme know n my parents can call yer parents n sort out arrangements.
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