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Hey guys,

If anyone wants to talk about what happened, I've got a conversation going in the Discord chat we set up for Bayville. I can send anyone a link that doesn't have it already.
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I thought of this before the fire on Friday, but school's been kicking my ass. You'd think it'd be easier with the college spot and everything, but not so much. Any way.

Things have been getting... meaner since the election. People have been saying the things they've thought but had the manners to hold back, and the people who said stuff before are now acting on it. Not just the anti-mutant bullshit, but flat-out racism. There's a YouTube link going around of a bunch of kids in the lunchroom at Salem Center High chanting "build the wall" at the Latinx kids. Muslim girls are having their hajibs torn off in the halls. Queer kids are being beaten up. Yesterday I got a swastika on a post-it stuck on my locker.

It's not okay, and I'm not going to sit on my ass and let it happen.

Here's my thought. We Gen X kids, both the college-age and the high-schoolers, can get involved in making our schools and streets safer. At Bayville, I'm going to start up a protective escort service for the kids that are being targeted for harassment, in school and out. I'm also going to talk to the teachers about setting up a tolerance society, a club which educates schools at large about diversity and not being a dickhole. If enough of you are with me, we can start doing the same out of school, providing support for the kids who get hassled in town, at the diner, that sort of thing. No powers, obvs, but these assholes are cowards and won't go after groups.

And even if you're not interested, here's something to help give you an idea of how to act when someone's being harassed.

Who's with me? Who wants to make even a small difference? Might as well put our training to good use.

And you know what? Let's talk about this stuff. What have you seen? What do you think needs fixing?
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Possibly too earnest to live, but I was thinking we could get a group together to go work at Tandy's uncle's soup kitchen some day/night on the weekend, or once winter vacay starts. Anyone up for it?
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scary movies + candy + rec room tonight!!! leave those creepy ass pumpkins at home tho.

this English essay can hold off until tomorrow. I can finish it in time for Wednesday.
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I may literally die of boredom. Spirit in my necklace finds it amusing. Stupid spirit. (No, it didn't speak, it just...felt amused. It's weird, and old. Not unlike most of the adults here, really. )

This whole grounding 'learn not to do illegal stuff while I'm looking' thing might not be so bad if the Authorities weren't entirely full of shit. Like they never drank, or did teenage stuff.

Tell me there's a way to prank these people without getting additional sentencing. (I was thinking prawns in the curtain rods but I figure the old bald guy might get upset, and well, grounded. )
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Finals start tomorrow. How is everyone's stress levels?
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Is everyone okay? Please tell me Maya didn't beat up the cops - I lost track of her when they arrived.

I'm at the pizza place on Main Street - meet me there if you can.
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anyone need a ride to school tomorrow for the ACT? also anyone else going to that party tomorrow night?? it's going to be lit
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You guys I don't feel so good

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I was talking to Jean-Paul yesterday and he's invited us to go skiing in British Columbia in like, Canada the weekend after Christmas but he needs to know who is coming?
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You don't have to worry about having other people in your precious freaking space anymore, Maya.

Turns out the guest suites aren't locked, so I'm staying there till I find a room that doesn't have you living in it.
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The dance is tonight! Have you guys seen the decorations they are starting to put up in the gym? It is going to be so much fun!
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So I've been hearing talk about the upcoming Homecoming/Spirit Week. And just today I've seen the flyers for it, being held next month 9th-13th. Anyone else looking forward to


Oct. 4th, 2015 03:13 pm
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I'm really enjoying the photo posts people are making, and I'd love to make some of my own.

But I don't quite understand how to use Instagram or how to make it cross post to my journal. Can anyone help me with this?


Sep. 18th, 2015 11:35 am
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So, the thread in Ms. Frost's journal and her answer to Amara made me think that it might be better for us to ask questions and talk about Halloween costume ideas where we won't get in the way. The theme seems to be scary historical figures - I was thinking of a Black Panther, from that black rights group in the 60s and 70s. Too much?

Edit: Also, seriously, what the fuck is up with the adults in this place? Do they just not like teenagers or something? And if they don't, why the fuck are they living in a boarding school?


Sep. 9th, 2015 06:04 pm
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What do you do when an ugly boy asks you on a date?

Also, I have an invitation to a party on Friday night and I've been told I can bring friends, as long as they're cool. I presume that means something good, as I am not only bring Bobby with me.
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Would it benefit anyone to start a study group? I know I will need some help with certain subjects, but I can help with others. Already it is the second day of school but I have a good pile of homework.
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As Tabitha has since been... reminded, when we're at school and I'm in disguise, you have to remember that my name is Alyssa Harken. Please don't forget, and if you do, don't forget in front of the biggest freaking gossips in the school.

I ran damage control. It should be forgotten in the next week or so, but please don't mess this up for me guys. I actually like school.

Thanks everyone <3
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I've got study hall and my phone lets me post on the journal system. So, thoughts on Bayville so far:

1) They really do love this school spirit thing, don't they? And what the fuck is our mascot supposed to be again? It looks like that thing from the baseball team in the mid-west.

2) Classes aren't so bad, so far. I'm gonna need help with the science stuff. Anyone up for junior chemistry tutoring?

3) Anyone else noticing the side-eyes we're getting from the townies? Or am I just paranoid? (good thing I decharged this morning and it's cloudy-ish)

Edit: I am, seriously, what the hell is this? Some kind of devil-bird?

Edit 2: It's a hawk. Apparently. I still think it's a devil demon bird from hell.

bye 4 now

Jul. 12th, 2015 04:13 pm
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hey guys. my rents freaked with all thats been happening around here lately- my moms 4th thing n then what went on @ the fair. they want me n my bro 2 go 2 school in europe instead. leaving soon. thx 4 the fun times n thx angelica 4 helping me so much w my powers. mbbe ill see u guys around someday!!!
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